Once upon a time there were two girls who decided, quite independently, to become make-up Artists…

Val Ackrill

Having fulfilled my ambition to join the BBC make up school, I went on to work for BBC Wales and BBC Birmingham for over 11 years. A fantastic experience which I will always treasure.

In the early nineties I joined LWT where I was nominated for a BAFTA. Television has been my area, although I have worked as a film daily.

But as any make up artist knows whatever field you choose, you never stop learning and that’s a good thing, it’s what makes our industry exciting and innovative. 

Beverley Binda

An OSCAR nomination alongside other BAFTA and Emmy industry awards are professional highlights, but a long way from where I started.

When I was 7 my friend and I used Smarties for make-up. Fast forward to many years later and after a 2yr course at London College of Fashion I went on to train at the BBC Make-up School which is where I met Val; we were trainees together.

Out of make-up school I worked at BBC Wales and BBC London on a huge variety of programmes and so from trainee I progressed to Make-up Artist.

I had the best time and stayed for 9 years constantly being taught, challenged to learn new techniques as film quality and products change. I left the BBC and went freelance in 1990 and continue to work in Films, Commercials & Music.

We’ve joined forces again to create

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