Cleanse, disinfect and condition in one pot.

We make-up artists need to keep our brushes and sponges in tip top condition. Good quality brushes need to be looked after and cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of oils and waxes that go mouldy. So if you want to banish germs it’s worth investing in professional make up brush cleaners with antibacterial properties.

OSCA’s Make-up brush cleaners are based on Rice Bran oil which is lightweight and fragrance free, so delicately conditions brushes and sponges without leaving a residue.

Then we added essential oils to formulate an effective cleansing action.

Available in four fragrances. NEW Rose and Geranium – antibacterial and fragrant,  Tea Tree – naturally antiseptic for a sterilising cleanse, Citronella – an antibacterial conditioning cleanser and Aromatic Lavender & Rosemary – an all round cleanser

Our environment:

Forget rusting tins or disposable bottles our silicone pots are designed exclusively for us, they are robust and re-useable. Empty? just rinse out, slot in refill tablet and you are ready to go.

The nodules on the underside of the lid create a cleaning pad while the sleek and brightly coloured container is easy to carry, easy to find, easy to use whether on the film set, in Make-up trailer, or globetrotting.






Durable, water-resistant and magnetic. This expandable silicone bracelet hugs the wrist while the multi directional magnetic pad keeps pins and grips in easy reach, leaving your hands free for dressing hair. One size fits all.